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About Scalloway Motors


Scalloway Motors is a second generation family company which prides itself on retaining its old fashioned ethics and values. While new developments and modern technology are the way forward, the ability to traverse the time gap to a bygone age, back to the future if you wish, is something we also pride ourselves upon. The fact Scalloway Motors has been in business for 40 years and retains many of its original customers whilst continuing to build an ever expanding customer base, is testament that the company's philosophies and core beliefs, of exemplary service and customer care, work.


Over the years Scalloway Motors was an award winning main dealer for three very well known manufacturers, before becoming independent in 1997. Today the company is a leading automotive diagnostic and service centre for both cars and motorcycles, road and off-road, with a reputation for attention to detail that extends beyond the Shetland shore line to the UK mainland, resulting in both cars and motorcycles being shipped from the mainland to us for repair.


Scalloway Motors has a spectacularly varied client base, with vehicles ranging from vintage 1930's classics through to modern high end Mercedes, BMW and state of the art performance cars, all looked after by our fully qualified technicians. Engineering technicians employed as much for their passion for all things with a motor, as their knowledge and exceptional ever developing abilities. Each technician has their own range of speciality skills from weld repairs and carburettor tuning to electrical repairs and engine remapping. Hard work and dedication by all members of staff have made Scalloway Motors the place to go for all your motoring needs with each service offered an extension of, or compliment to the others.


The industry has forged ahead with technological advancements and while Scalloway Motors, which is situated in the centre of of the picturesque village of Scalloway on the Shetland Islands, is following suit by continually upgrading and investing in the latest equipment and training, we have also managed to retain a down to earth approachable atmosphere which customers appreciate. So whether you have a performance vehicle to Superchip or a lawnmower to service, Scalloway Motors is the place to come. The old saying 'no job is too big or too small' was penned for us and is what keeps everyone enthusiastic and driving ahead, as you never know what's round the corner, will it be a a BMW Z4 service, a 1953 MG MOT or will it be a puncture repair on a local pensioners wheel barrow, we can't wait to find out!!